The story of the Apache "Yellowboy" Winchester, is a saga that spans a period of a 154 years. It is the story of an 1866 Winchester "Yellowboy" rifle, that was the first Winchester repeating rifle ever made. How it came to be hidden in the Cochise Stronghold, in the Dragoon Mountains, in the Arizona desert by an Apache warrior is a mystery. If you would like to know more about this intriguing mystery of the desert, simply click on the "Story" icon above.

For those cowboys brave enough to ride through the Apache Pass, in the Chiricahua Mountains, it was well advised to be in a large group, have a fast horse and be well armed. There were many cowboys, miners and settlers that lost their lives to the Apache warriors, in the Sulphur Springs Valley.

During "The Battle of Apache Pass" the Apache had built fortifications on the high ground above the aproaching Cavalry. They pinned the soldiers down with withering fire from their rifles. However, the Cavalry had Howitzers, that the Apache had never encountered and the Apache warriors were forced to withdraw.

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